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 Apartments for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra - Latest information

Apartments for rent in G2 – G3 Ciputra - G2 & G3 towers are two first buildings built in 2006 in Ciputra Hanoi. These are also two typical apartment buildings with standard area and premises creating the premise for the appearance of later apartment buildings in Ciputra.

Location of apartments for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra

Apartments for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra are located near the intersection of Nguyen Hoang Ton and Vo Chi Cong and the romantic West Lake, extremely convenient to go to Noi Bai airport and the central districts of the City.

Also from G2 - G3 Ciputra apartments, families with children studying or teachers teaching at the United Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi), Singapore International School (SIS), Hanoi Academy School.

Design plan of condos for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra

G2 – G3 apartments have a total of 2 21-storey towers with a total of 316 apartments, density of 08 units/floor. Here, Tan Long Land offers a large number of condos for rent in Ciputra with different areas from 2 - 3 - 4 bedrooms, fully furnished or basic depending on the needs of tenants.

Apartments for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra

Condos for rent in Ciputra, Nam Thăng Long

Typical area types of rental apartments for rent in G2 – G3 Ciputra:

  • - 3-bedroom apartments for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra: 123m2 and 119m2 with 2 bathrooms
  • - 4-bedroom condos for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra: 147m2
  • - Penthouses for rent in Ciputra: 180m2

Rental apartments in G2 - G3 Ciputra - Geat on-site amenities of Ciputra, Nam Thang Long

- Apartments for rent in G2 - G3 Ciputra, stand as an upscale residential complex equipped with a myriad of amenities and services catering to a discerning clientele.
- The internal amenities encompass a gym, swimming pool, restaurant, tennis court, minimart, and coffee shop, providing a comprehensive range of conveniences. Additionally, residents of G2 - G3 - Ciputra Apartments have access to nearby external facilities, including a car repair shop, pet store, bar/pub, Lotte department store, restaurants, and banks.
- Furthermore, professional services such as reception, security, 24/7 surveillance, building maintenance, elevator upkeep, bonsai trimming, and laundry are seamlessly integrated to enhance the overall living experience.

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Apartments for rent in Ciputra 


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