Tan Long Real Estate  Quality Work Commitment!

Tan Long Real Estate has been working in Ciputra since it opening . We have good database of most apartments and villas in Ciputra.

In every  area, We have 1 site staff who is daily attentive to properties and customer requirements, customer services.

We commit the best , attentive, honest services to our customers and landlords.

1. Make good understanding of customer requirements

2. Carefully prepare the properties and send to customers before the visit

3. Arrange cars for the property tour, help in finding short-term accommodation during house search

4. Carefully introduce the properties, services, schools, facilities to customers

5. Help in negotiation and Contract drafting , ensuring the rights of customers

6. Making all the papers to ensure the implementation of the commitment between customers and landlords

7. Take lease-long care : Keep contact between tenant and landlords and witness and request the implementation of the contract, incase customer need support from our  maintenance team, We will send technician to support.

8. Help in finding maids, drivers, gardeners, swimming pool attendants,  pest-control, Instillation of Tivi channels,

All contribution to our services are warmly welcomed ! Pl, send to our Manager , Mr. Liem at : liem@bdstanlong.com or Mobile: 0394 853 853

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