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Penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Latest news

Penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - A breakthrough in space and lifestyle standards, elevating the living standards and emphasizing the owner's personality. The first-ever penthouse apartment introduced in the West Lake area is quickly catching the attention of elite residents and affluent tenants.

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Penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Detailed Information

Penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Possessing superior living space and modern amenities, it's no surprise that the Sunshine Crystal River project attracts thousands of residents to move in. This place will surely be the ideal home for many tenants looking for a "settled life" or thoroughly enjoying on-site amenities.

Penthouse for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

For Rent: Sunshine Crystal River Penthouse 

As a resident or tenant at Sunshine Crystal River, you are privileged to enjoy a range of integrated amenities:

  • - International multi-level school
  • - In-house supermarket
  • - Classy golf course
  • - Four-season swimming pool
  • - Gymnasium
  • - Steam room, hydraulic Jacuzzi
  • - Sports fields: basketball, football, tennis
  • - Play area for young residents
  • - Hourly maid services
  • - 5-star standard home health care services

Penthouse for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

A penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Penthouse for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

Choosing a penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River is strategically located in an area with developed transportation infrastructure. With just a few minutes drive, residents can reach Noi Bai International Airport and the city center. Not only does it boast a convenient location, but the Sunshine Crystal River Penthouse for lease also offer superior living space advantages:

  • - Panoramic city views: Red River, West Lake, Ciputra Golf Course
  • - Glass windows are made of Low-E glass to limit UV rays, minimize noise, and stabilize temperature
  • - Basic furnishings installed, available according to home handover standards
  • - Apartment electronic devices can be voice-controlled or operated through a smartphone
  • - Multi-layer 24/7 active security system

For any information regarding the Penthouse for rent in Sunshine Crystal River, please contact the Tan Long sales department for the earliest assistance.

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