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Apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra

[Sapo] Apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra - For those seeking an exclusive rental experience, the apartments in Tower A1 at IA20 Ciputra offer a blend of sophistication and comfort. With spacious layouts and modern amenities, these rentals promise a refined lifestyle in a prime location.

Apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra - Detailed information

Apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra

The IA20 apartment complex is a prestigious residential project by Hanoi City situated in the prime location of the Ciputra International Township. Designed to meet the housing needs of high-ranking officials across various departments, the IA20 condominiums offer reasonable pricing, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of customers looking to purchase or rent apartments.

This residential project aims to cater to the demands of discerning residents, ensuring a perfect balance between affordability and quality living. With its strategic location within the Ciputra International Township, IA20 stands as an optimal destination for those seeking high-quality apartments

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The floor plan of apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra

Tower A1 IA20 Ciputra is designed with 29 floors and offers apartments with 2-3 bedrooms spanning from 92m2 to 110.6m2, ensuring the accommodation caters to the living space needs as well as the financial capabilities of many young families.

The potential of apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra

With its prime location, completed infrastructure, and modern amenities, apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra have the potential to attract numerous renters. This area appeals to many officials, young families, and expatriates, generating a stable demand for rentals. This creates a promising opportunity for investing in purchasing apartments for subsequent leasing, ensuring a stable and long-term income source.

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2-bedroom apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra

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