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1-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

1-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City - The allure of a 1-bedroom apartment in Sunshine City lies in its practicality and size, catering seamlessly to the urbanite's essential requirements. For property owners, this rental option stands as a favored and strategic business approach

Overview of 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

1-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

In premier developments such as Sunshine City from Sunshine Group, a range of utility structures has been meticulously designed and implemented to meet the residents' diverse needs. As a result, the rental demand for 1-bedroom apartments in Sunshine City is steadily rising, drawing in a diverse demographic seeking contemporary living spaces and high-quality facilities.

- Location: Ciputra Urban Area - Nam Thang Long, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

- Developer: Sunshine Group

- Architecture: French architectural style

- Apartment area: 90m2

- Apartment structure: 2 bedrooms, 1 combined living room and kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, 2 loggias, and an additional multipurpose space +1.

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Target tenants for renting a 1-bedroom apartment at Sunshine City

Prospective occupants seeking 1-bedroom condos in Sunshine City are often young couples starting their lives together or families with young children, looking for a contemporary space integrated with immediate conveniences for their children's growth.

Children have ample spaces to play, such as the swimming pool and park, while families can enjoy relaxed walks through the flower garden. With essential amenities available at the building's base, parents save valuable time tending to their young ones.

The potential for renting out 1-bedroom condominiums in Sunshine City is significant, attracting a considerable number of international tenants.

Rental rates for 1-bedroom apartments in Sunshine City

The leasing costs for a 1-bedroom apartment in Sunshine City vary, influenced by factors like dimensions, interior decor, cityscape vistas, and negotiation dynamics with the landlord. Due to this, pinpointing an exact figure is challenging. Yet, on average, the rental rates span between 10 to 30 million VND monthly.

For all inquiries regarding the 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City, please contact the sales department of Tân Long Land for professional guidance

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Apartment for rent in S1 Sunshine City

Apartment for rent in S2 Sunshine City



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