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Apartments for rent in L1 - L2 Ciputra

Apartments for rent in L1 - L2 Ciptra - L1 – L2 apartment building (also known as The Link luxury apartment building) is the most luxurious apartment in Ciputra Hanoi urban area. This is a real estate project that inherits a prominent ecosystem of trees and lakes, and creates an upper-class and high-class life as evidenced by the modern architectural style of the building as well as the and professional services & facilities.

Location of apartments for rent in L1 - L2 Ciputra

Apartments for rent in L1 - L2 Ciputra are easy to recognize because it is located next to Ciputra club on the right hand side when entering from Ciputra Pham Van Dong gate. This is also one of the apartments with a very expensive location because it is located very close to the ring road 3 - Pham Van Dong with 12 lanes connecting directly to Noi Bai Airport via Thang Long bridge or the western area of ​​the Hanoi city.

Condos for rent in L1 - L2 Ciputra

Condos for rent in L1 L2 The Link Ciputra

Design plan of condos for rent in L1 - L2 Ciputra

Rental apartments in L1 - L2 Ciputra includes 2 21-storey apartment towers with a total of 236 apartments, density of 10 units/floor.

Typical area types of L1 – L2 Ciputra apartments for rent:

- 1- bedroom apartments for rent in E1 Ciputra

- 4-bedroom apartments for rent in E1 Ciputra: 154sqm

- 5-bedroom apartments for rent in E1 Ciputra: 267m2

- duplexes for rent in E1 Ciputra: 267sqm

- penthouses for rent in E1 Ciputra: 200 – 250m2 including 4 bedrooms and 3 or 4 bathrooms

The apartments for rent at The Link L1 – L2 Ciputra have very large areas from 3 bedrooms or more. For families with a large number of members, this will be a perfect choice to stay in Hanoi.

Utilities and services - Rental apartments in L1 - L2 Ciputra

As high-class apartments for rent in Ciputra, high-class facilities and services are indispensable.

  • Utilities: Condos for rent in L1 - L2 Ciputra offers a series of 5-star high-class facilities such as gym, swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, mini supermarket... Besides, there is also a very large Ciputra club with Singapore restaurant, Highland coffee, golf academy, golf course...

  • Services: L1 - L2 Ciputra apartment project includes a professional reception team, security guard, 24/7 camera, bonsai trimming service, cleaning service, ladderand building maintenance service, car booking service…

For more information about rental apartments in L1 - L2 Ciputra, please contact Tan Long Land:

Hotline: 0987 745 745



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Apartments for rent in Ciputra 


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