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Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Updated news 

Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - The increasing number of upper-class floors in Vietnam drives the demand for high-end apartments. However, finding a property that meets the strict requirements of these residents regarding living standards and apartment quality is a challenging task.

Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Detailed Information

According to many experts, choosing a Sky Villa for rent in Sunshine Crystal River is one of the stable income channels amid the decreasing trend in bank deposit interest rates. This type of accommodation adds economic value to the owners and provides an opportunity for many tenants seeking a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

For Rent: Sky Villas in Sunshine Crystal River

Situated within the Ciputra Nam Thang Long project in Hanoi, close to many key city arteries, it is understandable that Sunshine Crystal River provides commuting benefits to the on-site community:

  • - It only takes 4 minutes to reach Nhat Tan Bridge.
  • - It is about 25 25-minute drive to Noi Bai International Airport, making Sunshine Crystal River an ideal choice for frequent business travelers, such as high-ranking officials, foreign affairs personnel, expatriates, etc.
  • - It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach West Lake and Lotte Mall.

Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River caters to the high-end rental market, attracting engineers, foreign experts, high-ranking officials, and financially capable individuals and families. Tenants in this category are willing to pay a significant monthly amount for a luxurious living experience.

Additionally, those seeking vacation or short-term stays will find Sky Villa apartments at Sunshine Crystal River an excellent choice, offering hotel-like amenities, upscale living spaces, and services such as cleaning and laundry.

Modern Architecture: Sky Villa Apartments for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

Sky Villas for lease in Sunshine Crystal River feature 1 or 2 floors, with areas ranging from 52.8 to 102.4 square meters. Situated on the high floors of the luxurious condominium, tenants enjoy a "Villa in the Sky" with clear Low-E glass windows flooding the space with natural light. 

Sky Villa Apartments for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

Sky Villas for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

For Rent: Sky Villa in Sunshine Crystal River offers outstanding on-site amenities:

  • - Infinity and resort-style swimming pools
  • - Hydraulic Jacuzzi
  • - Indoor golf experience
  • - Rooftop coffee shop and SkyBar
  • - Sports field and gym with specialized equipment
  • - 24/7 cleaning, maid services, and on-site medical care
  • - Restaurants, bars/pubs, and a clubhouse

Rental Costs for Sky Villa Apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

With a prime location and breathtaking views, rental costs for Sky Villa apartments range from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong per month. This accommodation suits individuals and families with solid economic capabilities seeking a top-notch living space.

For information on Sky Villas for lease in Sunshine Crystal River, contact the Tan Long sales department for timely advice.

4-bedroom apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Apartments for rent in Sky 1 - Sky 2 - Sky 3 Sunshine Crystal River


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