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Apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra - Updated Information

Apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra - With modern design, situated on the most beautiful plots within the Ciputra urban area, there is considerable interest from customers in the information about selling apartments in E1 Ciputra. In the following article, let's explore the design and selling prices more.

Apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra - Overview

Apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra are located in Tay Ho district, Hanoi's capital, and are uniquely positioned near the P1 and P2 Towers. With 20 floors, each floor of this building is divided into eight apartments, creating a convenient and comfortable living space. 

  • - 1- 1-bedroom condos for sale in E1 Ciputra
  • - E1 Tower Ciputra 2- bedroom apartments for sale
  • - 3- or 4-bedroom apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra: 123m2 to 153m2
  • - Duplexes/Penthouses for sale in E1 Ciputra: 200m2 - 250m2

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Great convenience of condos for sale in Ciputra

The era of remote work has firmly arrived, and most tenants, particularly young professionals, are inclined to find a living space that can double as a home office. Opting for apartments for sale in Ciputra becomes an excellent choice for those seeking a work-from-home environment and a touch of inspiration.

E1 Ciputra apartments for sale - Nam Thang Long

While an additional bedroom, also known as a study, is the ideal home office setup, exploring how other areas in the house can be utilized effectively is worthwhile. A versatile room with ample light and privacy can easily be transformed into a functional workspace.

E1 Ciputra Apartments for sale - Whether it's providing a separate space for your spouse, who is notorious for speaking loudly during Zoom calls, or creating a conducive environment for your teenager to focus on final exams, having an additional area designated for office use should be a key consideration in your house-hunting journey.

For sale: Apartments in E1 Ciputra - Selling price

With affordable prices, customers interested in buying an apartment in E1 Ciputra can now own a unit at a reasonable cost.

For all information regarding the sale of apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra, we invite customers to contact the Tân Long Land sales department for an in-depth consultation.

Hotline: 0987 745 745


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Apartments for sale in E1 Ciputra


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