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Villas for rent in G Ciputra - Latest information

Villas for rent in G Ciputra - G Ciputra block is one of the first phase villas of Ciputra Hanoi international urban area, completed and put into use in 2007. This is a classic style villa area with solid architecture. and extremely secure as well as near the common utilities of Ciputra to help residents have an extremely classy life.

And hereafter, Tan Long Land would like to send you an overview of the villa for rent in G Ciputra area!

Location of villas for rent in G Ciputra

Villas for rent in G Ciputra have an easily recognizable location and very convenient connection. From the intersection of Vo Chi Cong - Nguyen Hoang Ton, you go to the first gate of Ciputra and go straight in, you will see the villa area with milky white color with very solid edges and contours and soft arches that bring to life. A little bit of Indochinese style, that is the G block villa.

Villas for rent in G Ciputra

Villas and houses for rent in G Ciputra

Design of rental villas in Ciputra G area

Rental houses and villas in Ciputra G area own an Indochinese-style architecture with soft domes, square corners and solid contours. The villas in the G Ciputra area look very classic, including various types of areas from 150-200m2, built on 3 floors with designs from 3 to 4 bedrooms.

G Ciputra villa area includes many different subdivisions from G1 - G5 - G6 - G9 - G10. Although there are only 5 subdivisions, G Ciputra area gives you many choices of houses for rent. Types of rental housing in G Ciputra area: 

- Houses for rent in Ciputra G area

- Rental villas in G Ciputra

- Rental houses in G Ciputra

- Detached houses for rent in G Ciputra

- Detached villas for rent in G Ciputra

- Semi - detached villas for rent in G Ciputra

- Semi - detached houses for rent in G Ciputra

Abundance of Ciputra amenities - Houses and villas for rent in G Ciputra

G Ciputra area owns a huge number of common utilities and high-class services in Ciputra Hanoi.

- Common utilities at Ciputra: golf course, fitness room, outdoor swimming pool, cafe, restaurant, tennis court...

- High-class services at Ciputra: bonsai trimming services, security services, hair cutting and shampooing services, spa services, electricity & water bill payment services...

Tan Long Land will give you great options when looking for villas for rent in G Ciputra area. Just pick up the phone and call Tan Long Land 0987.745.745 or send an email to, we will assist you to see the house, negotiate the price and close the deal quickly.

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