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Apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River: This project is a prestigious development in the Ciputra International Urban Area. Developed by the Sunshine Group, a leading and reputable entity in the market, Sunshine Crystal River impresses not only with its impeccable design and unique architecture but also with its comprehensive amenities within a cultured residential community. Beyond attracting homebuyers and investors, apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River also strongly impact many customers seeking rental properties.

Overview of apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River strategically planned within the Ciputra International Urban Area, located along the Red River and in proximity to key transportation arteries of the capital, including Pham Van Dong Street, Vo Chi Cong - Nhat Tan Bridge, Nguyen Van Huyen Extended Street, and the upcoming Metro Line 02 South Thang Long - Tran Hung Dao.

  • - Commercial Name: Sunshine Crystal River
  • - Location: Ciputra International Urban Area - South Thang Long, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • - Developer: Sunshine Group
  • - Total Area: 50,850m2
  • - Building Density: 31.7%
  • - Product Types: Sky Villas, Duplex Apartments, Commercial Shophouses, Detached Villas, Semi-Detached Villas
  • - Product Scale: Includes 452 sky villas, 498 duplex apartments, 54 shophouses, 24 detached villas, and 36 semi-detached villas.

Layout Design of apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Crystal River apartments for rent - Encompassing the essence of a luxurious lifestyle inspired by developed nations worldwide, the apartments and sky villas at Sunshine Crystal River are designed with spacious and elegant interiors, ensuring the preservation of family values. A perfect blend of architectural sophistication, including villas, penthouses, and duplexes, the residences are designed with expansive glass walls. Each Sky Villa is likened to a vibrant wonder with panoramic views. The entire apartment system is meticulously designed, featuring luxurious furnishings from renowned brands, imparting a distinctive touch to the homes of affluent homeowners.

Why Choose condos for rent in Sunshine Crystal River?

Designed along the Red River, each Sunshine Crystal River apartment for rent boasts valuable river views. Surrounded by premium glass walls, residents of these villas can enjoy nature's beauty and breathtaking skies from any vantage point.

apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Notably, each sky villa at Sunshine Crystal River also has a private pool and garden, providing a space for families to gather, enjoy cozy BBQ parties, and relax in the cool, green water while overlooking the city beneath.

Sunshine Group is a leading real estate investment and business enterprise in the northern market. With the motto "Speak truth - Do truth - Create real value," Sunshine Group is careful in its business operations, focusing on projects in prime locations, the "golden" land of the sophisticated, modern, and culturally rich capital.

Boasting strong financial capabilities and the dedication of its leadership, along with the competence of its staff, Sunshine Group has delivered a series of landmark projects such as Sunshine City Apartments, Sunshine Riverside Apartments, Sunshine Center Project, Sunshine Garden Project, Sunshine Palace Project, and more.

Types of rental apartments in Sunshine Crystal River

Benefiting from a perfect system of amenities in the area, the Sunshine Crystal River project embodies the highest cultural values, harmoniously combining Asian and European architectural masterpieces. It is a convergence point for sophisticated and prosperous cities, a meeting place for the intellectual, affluent, and cultured society.

- 2- bedroom apartments for rent Sunshine Crystal River

- 3- bedroom apartments for rent Sunshine Crystal River

- duplexes for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

- penthouses for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Each rental apartment in Sunshine Crystal River has a complete system of high-end amenities, incorporating the finest values from Europe. Each luxury in the project caters to the needs of entertainment and enjoyment, offering the highest peak values in the capital.

On-site amenities - Condos for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

  • - Crystal River Sky Bar
  • - Runway Central - Fashion Show Center
  • - 3D 4D Digital Entertainment Center, the focal point for enjoying life
  • - Standard 18-hole Golf Course challenging Swing artistry
  • - Smart Living 4.0 ecological system

With its outstanding values, condos for rent in Sunshine Crystal River are the perfect choice for customers seeking to buy, rent, or invest in real estate.

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