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Apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra

Apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra - Discover the epitome of urban living at Tower B, IA20 Ciputra. Offering a refined blend of contemporary comfort and upscale amenities, these rental apartments redefine luxury in Hanoi. With 40 floors and 688 meticulously designed units, each space is crafted to elevate your lifestyle. Embrace the tranquility within this bustling cityscape and experience sophistication, convenience, and a vibrant community—all within reach at Tower B, IA20 Ciputra.

Apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra - Detailed information

Apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra

Before we delve into apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra, we need some basic information about the IA20 Ciputra project

The IA20 Ciputra project is situated within the Ciputra International Township, one of the top resort-like cities in Hanoi. Boasting a substantial scale, this development, constructed by a foreign investor, promises to offer tranquil, serene living spaces right in the heart of the bustling capital.

The IA20 Ciputra Nam Thang Long residential complex comprises three towers: Tower A1, A2, and Tower B:

- Tower A1 rises 29 floors, with 3 basement levels. Floors 3 to 29 house residential units, totaling 360 apartments.

- Tower A2 also stands 29 floors tall, with 3 basement levels. Similar to A1, floors 3 to 29 are residential, accommodating a total of 360 units.

- Tower B, the tallest, encompasses 40 floors and 3 basement levels. From floors 4 to 40, it hosts residential apartments, totaling 688 units.

- Basement levels: 3

- Electrical substation: 150m2.

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The layout of apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra

Tower B is the tallest among the IA20 complex, boasting 40 floors and three basement levels. It comprises a total of 688 apartments, promising a wide range of choices for prospective tenants. The sleek design, ample space, and state-of-the-art facilities cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences.

With an emphasis on high-quality living, the apartments for rent in B IA20 Ciputra are meticulously crafted to provide comfort and convenience. Each unit features modern fixtures, spacious layouts, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The strategic location within Ciputra ensures easy access to various amenities and services. Prospective renters will find themselves within close proximity to essential facilities, including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational areas.

The IA20 Tower B apartments not only offer a sophisticated lifestyle but also a sense of community within a secure, well-maintained environment. From singles to families, these rentals cater to diverse needs, promising a comfortable and fulfilling living experience in Hanoi's prestigious township.

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