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The Duplex for rent in Sunshine Golden River - Updated news

Duplex for rent in Sunshine Golden River - Stay updated with detailed rental prices, locations, and features of the latest duplex units available in the Sunshine Golden River project in 2024.

The Duplex for rent in Sunshine Golden River

Sunshine Golden River Duplex for rent

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Information on renting a duplex for rent in Sunshine Golden River

Duplex for rent in Sunshine Golden River - Sunshine Golden River is a premier apartment project in Hanoi, where sophistication and modern amenities converge. Duplex apartments for lease in Sunshine Golden River, not just residences but symbols of convenience and luxury, are the perfect choice for renting. Let's delve into detailed information about renting a duplex apartment at Sunshine Golden River.

  • - Number of duplexes for rent in Sunshine Golden River: Updating
  • - Number of bedrooms: 4 - 6 rooms
  • - Number of bathrooms: Updating

Location of Duplex for rent in Sunshine Golden River

Duplex apartments for rent in Sunshine Golden River are designed to focus on open spaces, utilizing natural light to create comfortable and convenient living environments. These units are the ideal spaces for those seeking uniqueness and luxury daily. The amenities at Sunshine Golden River Duplex apartments extend beyond the project area to the surrounding areas. The pool, gym, and children's play area are unique features that residents can enjoy.

Duplex for lease in Sunshine Crystal River - Great amenities

Indulge in top-notch facilities while leasing a 4-bedroom residence at Sunshine Golden River. Tenants are treated to a range of contemporary on-site conveniences, including:

  • - Nursery school (Located on Floors 1-2-3)
  • - Sunshine Mart (Located on Floors 1-2-3)
  • - Children's play area (On Floor 2 - S'School)
  • - Open-air children's play area
  • - Outdoor swimming pool
  • - Barbecue garden
  • - Verdant open spaces
  • - S Plus Café
  • - Community activity room
  • - Panoramic sky observation deck
  • - Covered indoor swimming pool
  • - Lush greenery and suspended gardens
  • - Interconnected pedestrian walkways

Rental prices for Sunshine Golden River Duplex - 2023

Updating soon.

Duplex Apartments for lease in Sunshine Golden River - For all information regarding purchasing or renting a Duplex Sunshine Golden River, please contact the Tan Long Land sales department for timely consultation.


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