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Duplexes for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Latest news

Given the rapid economic development in Vietnam, duplexes for rent in Sunshine Crystal River are a captivating choice for those seeking a luxurious and sophisticated living space. The rental housing segment remains a lucrative option for savvy investors, maintaining a stable demand for rented properties. Notably, the allure of Duplex apartments at Sunshine Crystal River for tenants desiring a lavish and refined living environment cannot be denied.

Duplexes for Rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Details

Duplexes for rent in Sunshine Crystal River bring economic benefits to the homeowners and provide an ideal residence with numerous outstanding amenities for discerning residents.

Target Customers for Duplexes for Rent in Sunshine Crystal River

The Sunshine Crystal River project is strategically located within the Ciputra Nam Thang Long urban area in Hanoi, offering convenient access to critical arteries in the West Lake area. This location significantly enhances the mobility of residents:

  • - It is only a 4-minute drive to Nhat Tan Bridge.
  • - An additional 20-minute drive to Noi Bai International Airport.
  • - It is approximately 10 minutes from West Lake.

Moreover, the West Lake area is home to many foreign diplomatic missions, organizations, or FDI businesses, signifying a significant potential for renting Duplex apartments at Sunshine Crystal River. The area attracts many expatriates, engineers, high-ranking officials, and individuals or families with stable financial resources. They are willing to pay a considerable monthly amount for a private, comfortable living environment and valuable experiences.

Duplexes for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

The image of a Duplex for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Understanding this demand, owning a substantial property like a Duplex and then renting it out can be a long-term and stable source of income. With its prime location, choosing Duplex apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River promises to be a lucrative investment for astute investors.

Duplex for rent Sunshine Crystal River - Contemporary Living Space 

  • - Meticulously planned and invested in comprehensive planning, living spaces, and invaluable amenities, renting Duplex apartments at Sunshine Crystal River ensures a refined and contemporary living experience.
  • - As a luxurious residence, the Duplex for rent in Sunshine Crystal River boasts a premium design with a unique open-plan layout, satisfying the standards of the elite class.
  • - The invaluable view towards the romantic Red River, the breezy Nhat Tan Bridge, and the serene internal landscape add a sophisticated touch to the emotions of every resident.
  • - Furniture in the house is imported from Europe with renowned brands.
  • - The electronic devices in the apartment are equipped with smart home technology, allowing residents to control them through voice commands or smartphones.
  • Sunshine Crystal River Duplex for rent tenants can rest assured with the 24/7 multi-layered security system, including facial recognition technology integrated into the project's - entrances, lobby, and building entrances.

Internal Amenities for Renting a Duplex at Sunshine Crystal River

Tenants choosing Duplex apartments for rent in Sunshine Crystal River enjoy the privileges of residents and access to the most modern services and amenities:

  • - Resort-style swimming pool area
  • - Pedestrian pathways
  • - On-site healthcare services
  • - Infinity pool
  • - Housekeeping and management services
  • - Gym, sauna room, and hydraulic Jacuzzi
  • - High-rise bar
  • - Billiards club
  • - Tennis court
  • - Golf experience area

Rental Rates for Duplex Sunshine Crystal River

Duplex for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

A Duplex for lease in Sunshine Crystal River

Duplexes for rent in Sunshine Crystal River - Being a luxury type of residence, it's understandable that the cost of renting Duplex apartments at Sunshine Crystal River will not be a small figure, ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions per month. This suits families or individuals with solid financial capabilities who desire a sophisticated and contemporary living environment.

For all information regarding the rental of Duplex apartments in Sunshine Crystal River, please get in touch with Tan Long Land Sales Department for timely advice:

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