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Apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi

Apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi - Modern, diverse, and packed with amenities, IA20 apartments in the Ciputra urban area are the perfect choice for contemporary living in Hanoi. With an ideal location, spacious layouts, and top-notch facilities, IA20 offers a sophisticated living experience with an array of premium amenities.

Apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi - Detailed information

Apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi

IA20 Ciputra isn't just a place to live; it's a space designed for a fulfilling lifestyle. With a 92m2 area and 2 main bedrooms plus a flexible additional room, each apartment comes fully furnished with high-end amenities, ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience for residents.

The 12th floor provides an incredible view of the Red River – an awe-inspiring landscape and an unparalleled sense of openness.

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Community facilities of apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi

Apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi not only offer private living spaces but also connect residents with a community through impeccable communal amenities. Enjoy a golf course, Golf Academy, all-season swimming pool, Gym and fitness Club, VIP dining room, spacious meeting rooms, playgrounds for children, and entertainment areas for seniors – all crafting an upscale and perfect living environment.

The price of apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi

With attractive rental prices starting from 11 million VND per month, IA20 Ciputra apartments offer not just a residence but also a pinnacle living experience. Move in immediately and immerse yourself in a high-class lifestyle alongside all the amenities in Hanoi's premier urban area.

If you're seeking an ideal living space, equipped with luxury, convenience, and class, apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi stand as the perfect choice. Contact us now for further details and to arrange a visit!

Contact us now to explore more about the apartments for rent in A1 IA20 Ciputra Ha Noi. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation!

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2-bedroom apartments for rent in IA20 Ciputra

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