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Penthouse for rent in Sunshine City

Penthouse for rent in Sunshine City - Penthouse units in Sunshine City exude luxury and sophistication. With spacious layouts, premium designs, and high-end amenities, they offer a living experience that's both upscale and comfortable. Each penthouse is a perfect blend of elegance, architectural beauty, and a comfortable living space.

Penthouse for rent in Sunshine City - Detailed information

Penthouse for rent in Sunshine City

Sunshine City is the new 'masterpiece of living art' by Sunshine Group – a luxury lifestyle artistry, boasting a prime diamond-like location, opulent design, and a royal living space. The project embodies a harmonious blend of traditional values and contemporary living in a refined manner, showcasing sophistication, elegant style, and complete enjoyment while preserving the timeless cultural values passed down through generations.

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The luxurious beauty of the penthouse apartment for rent at Sunshine City

The penthouse apartments in Sunshine City are meticulously designed to exude exclusivity and sophistication. With expansive, open spaces, these residences offer an immediate sense of comfort and luxury. Adorned with premium furnishings and modern amenities, from lavish living areas to well-appointed bedrooms, each detail is carefully curated. Large windows encompassing the penthouse provide stunning views of the surroundings, creating a spacious, airy atmosphere filled with natural light. Living in these apartments is not just about luxury; it's a harmonious blend of comfort and contemporary convenience.

The price of a penthouse for rent in Sunshine City

The rental prices for penthouses at Sunshine City might be considered higher compared to other apartment types due to their luxurious amenities, spacious layouts, and premium design. These are high-rise residences with sophisticated designs and luxurious amenities, hence the rental prices typically reflect the quality and prime location they offer. The upscale amenities and expansive spaces in the Sunshine City penthouses can elevate the rental cost, creating a valuable and upscale living experience for tenants.

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For all inquiries regarding the penthouse for rent in Sunshine City Ciputra Ha Noi, please contact the sales department of Tân Long Land for professional guidance

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2-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City


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