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Apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside Ciputra Ha Noi

Apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside Ciputra Ha Noi - The purchase and sale of apartments at Sunshine Riverside have become a prevalent trend among numerous customers. What draws them to this place and what are the price ranges? Let's explore further!

Apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside - Detailed information

Apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside Ciputra Ha Noi

Sunshine Riverside Apartment Complex is strategically planned over a sprawling area of 30,452 square meters, developed by the Sunshine Group Corporation. The project stands tall with a total of 35 floors spread across three towers. Designed in a Korean style, the high-end apartments boast luxurious amenities, offering a sophisticated living experience. The development features a range of 5-star quality service facilities including a commercial center, sports complex, entertainment zones, restaurants, and a spa.

Apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside – Dreamy Highlights

When mentioning Sunshine Riverside, one immediately thinks of its premium location generously bestowed upon the project. It's no exaggeration to call it a "diamond" of a location.

Situated right at the base of the Nhật Tân Bridge on the south bank of the Red River, within the famed area of Phú Thượng, associated with ancient peach blossom trees, this locale has long been hailed as the mystical land in Hanoi's millennia-old history.

Located at the "Dragon Head" area's heart, apartments for sale in Sunshine Riverside offer sweeping views of the poetic West Lake, the revered Red River, and the shimmering Nhat Tan Bridge. It harnesses the inherent natural beauty of this scenic area, presenting an open and refreshing environment. Importantly, it offers easy access to both the city center and the outskirts, even reaching Noi Bai International Airport within just a 15-minute drive.

Sunshine Riverside's Million-Dollar Architecture

The designs of Sunshine Riverside apartment here enamor customers with their sophistication and classical European architecture. The vertical building structures assert a modern yet classic European architectural style, exuding exquisite elegance. Particularly commendable is the integration of eco-friendly, sustainable, and premium materials. The judicious consideration of natural colors, contrasts, and finishing materials caters to a luxurious living experience for Sunshine Riverside's customers!

The sale price of apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside 

Addressing customer preferences and trends, the apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside 

are thoughtfully designed with varied floor plans, prioritizing natural light and ventilation. Consequently, the average price range for purchasing an apartment here varies from 3 to 4.5 billion VND, depending on the individual's living space requirements.

Undoubtedly, everyone seeks to invest in an ideal living space during their lifetime. And what better place than Sunshine Riverside to relish luxurious and convenient living? The unique advantages of Sunshine Riverside's location undoubtedly will not disappoint you.

For further details about the apartment for sale in Sunshine Riverside, please contact Tân Long Land sales department for consultation via:

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