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Villas for rent in Sunshine Helios - Updated news

Villas for rent in Sunshine Helios - Sunshine Helios is as enchanting as a mystical palace, standing out in the cityscape like a sparkling gem. Constructed from creative and quirky ideas, this project promises to be the "sanctuary" of the real estate world. The villas here are not just homes but exquisite works of art where nature and 4.0 technology seamlessly blend.

Houses and Villas for rent in Sunshine Helios - Latest news

Located on the southern bank of the Red River, villas for rent in Sunshine Helios enjoy the natural advantages of proximity to the city, the river, and major roadways. Situated in the Ciputra urban area, a prestigious land in West Lake, amidst the vibrant city of Hanoi, and along the poetic Red River and West Lake, Sunshine Helios holds a unique and valuable position, harmonizing nature, humanity, and feng shui.

Houses and Villas for rent in Sunshine Helios

Rental villas in Sunshine Helios - Ciputra

Design of houses and villas for rent in Sunshine Helios

Residents of Sunshine Helios can easily access neighboring districts through critical routes such as Pham Van Dong, Nguyen Van Huyen, and Vo Chi Cong.

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Houses and villas for lease in Sunshine Helios feature a Commercial Villa zone with European-style architecture and a Grand Avenue Commercial Villa zone with Mediterranean-inspired design, reflecting European architectural influences.

The internal Commercial Villa zone of Sunshine Helios is a small city with unique commercial villas, creating a "shopping haven" for enthusiasts. Residents and visitors have many shopping options, from individual to high-end, offering diverse experiences from dining to upscale beauty—a shopping street experience unprecedented in Vietnam.

The internal design of villas for rent in Sunshine Helios are meticulously detailed, creating an attractive environment with modern neighborhoods and diverse products. Beyond this zone, the project boasts grand avenues like Hanoi Avenue, Crustal Avenue, Wonder Avenue, and Paris Avenue, each recreating different neighborhoods, contributing to a miniature Hanoi or a splendid Paris.

Designed in a Mediterranean style, this zone is represented by pedestrian pathways that are sophisticated, upscale, yet comfortable and friendly. Walking along these spacious streets, both tourists and residents will be mesmerized by the grand shopping spaces.

Project amenities - Renting a villa for rent in Sunshine Helios

Villas for rent in Sunshine Helios - Catering to the upscale community, Sunshine Helios includes a Shopping District with exclusively designed shop villas, allowing residents to satisfy their shopping and entertainment needs while living in a European-inspired environment.

Houses and Villas for rent in Sunshine Helios

Houses and villas for lease in Sunshine Helios Ciputra

Another notable amenity is the Commercial Pedestrian Street, where residents experience vibrant activities in the square, creating a festive atmosphere daily.

Being part of the Ciputra urban area, Sunshine Helios possesses the ecological space of the Red River and an 11,000 square meters green golf course area, providing residents with a shopping and green space enjoyment unparalleled in any other project.

Sunshine Helios also features an outdoor swimming pool with endless shorelines, refreshing coconut trees, and loungers with umbrellas, offering a Mediterranean coastal vacation experience.

As the only luxury commercial villa project in West Lake, Sunshine Helios promises to deliver top-notch services and a harmonious, refreshing space blending with nature.

To learn more about houses and villas for lease in Sunshine Helios, please get in touch with Tan Long Land for in-depth consultations:

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