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2-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City - Latest listing

The 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City has become a preferred choice for many due to its size and functionality that cater to the basic needs of urban dwellers. This rental option is a favored business strategy for property owners.

Overview of 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

2-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

In esteemed projects like Sunshine City developed by Sunshine Group, various utility constructions have been planned and developed to meet the residents' living requirements. Consequently, renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Sunshine City is gradually gaining popularity, attracting a diverse population to experience a modern living space and top-notch amenities.

- Location: Ciputra Urban Area - Nam Thang Long, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

- Developer: Sunshine Group

- Architecture: French architectural style

- Apartment area: 90m2

- Apartment structure: 2 bedrooms, 1 combined living room and kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, 2 loggias, and an additional multipurpose space +1.

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Target tenants for renting a 2-bedroom apartment at Sunshine City

Tenants seeking a 2-bedroom condo in Sunshine City are often newly married couples or those with young children, desiring a modern living space with immediate amenities to facilitate their children's physical and mental development.

Children can freely play in the swimming pool, and park, while families can take strolls in the flower garden. Parents can easily shop for necessities at the building's foot, saving time in caring for their young ones.

Rental potential for 2-bedroom condominiums in Sunshine City is substantial, attracting a large number of foreign tenants.

Rental rates for 2-bedroom apartments in Sunshine City

Rental rates for the 2-bedroom apartment for lease in Sunshine City will depend on various factors such as size, interior furnishings, urban view, and the negotiation capability with the landlord. Therefore, we cannot provide a specific figure. However, the average rental price ranges from 10 to 30 million VND per month

For all inquiries regarding the 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City, please contact the sales department of Tân Long Land for professional guidance

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Apartment for rent in S1 Sunshine City

Apartment for rent in S2 Sunshine City



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