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3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

The 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City attracts many high-profile tenants due to its vast space, prime location, and modern, sophisticated living environment.

Overview of 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City

The 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City is strategically located in the West Lake area, and renting this type of unit is considered a highly lucrative investment channel for property owners. Not only do landlords benefit from renting out their 3-bedroom apartments in Sunshine City, but tenants also find a modern, sophisticated living environment that fulfills their personal needs.

- Address: Located within Ciputra Urban Area, Nam Thang Long, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

- Developer: Sunshine Group

- Architectural style: Classic French

- Layout of 3-bedroom apartments for rent at Sunshine City: 3 bedrooms, 2 or 3 bathrooms, spacious loggia, and balconies.

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3-bedroom condominium for rent in Sunshine City - Sophisticated living space

Renting a 3-bedroom apartment in Sunshine City offers a spacious, luxurious living space that provides both a cozy communal area and adequate privacy for each member. Therefore, renting a 3-bedroom unit at Sunshine City is often favored by many families.

Tenants of 3-bedroom apartments at Sunshine City will enjoy a modern space equipped with imported fittings from renowned brands on the market, including gypsum ceilings, sanitary equipment, air conditioning, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, smart door locks, etc.

The price of 3-bedroom condominiums for rent in Sunshine City

The rental rates for 3-bedroom apartments in Sunshine City vary based on unit differentiation, size, location, views, architectural design, and available furnishings.

Rental price for a 3-bedroom apartment at Sunshine City: [Updating]

For all inquiries regarding the 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Sunshine City, please contact the sales department of Tân Long Land for professional guidance

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Apartment for rent in S1 Sunshine City

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