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Introduction, listings, detailing and rentals of apartments in Ciputra and tay ho ( Westlake), Hanoi, Vietnam

This site is all  about  apartments in ciputra - villas and information about  Project scale, current development, ciputra facilities for local residents, fees for services, ciputra management, apartments rental in ciputra...

Ciputra has area of 390ha covering the big area between Westlake and Red river. The Ciputra Develop ciputra with small construction area and they spare a lot space for greenery and common area.

Ciputra Hanoi was started operation since 2006. Ciputra apartments started with the 2 apartment building G2 and G3 then apartment building E4, E5 finished in 2008 and E1 completed in 2010 . All the apartments has same layout and arrangement. There are 160 apartments in each block.  every floor has 8 apartments.

G2,G3,E4,E5,E1 Apartments arrangement and main information :

1. 123 sqm2 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms balcony from 1 bedroom

2. 154 sqm2 with 4 bedrooms., 2 bathrooms with balconies from 2 bedrooms.

3. The penthouse with the size of 170 sqm2 with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with lake view

4. The penthouse with the size of 210 sqm2 with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with lake view

the apartments from high floors can see the view of Westlake

P1, P2 apartment buildings completed in 2010:

1. 145 sqm2 with 3 bedrooms., 2 bathrooms with balcony from 1 bedroom.

2. 182 sqm2 with 4 bedrooms., 2 bathrooms, big living room .

3. The penthouse with the size of 280 sqm2 with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, lake view

4. The penthouse with the size of 380 sqm2 with  2 living rooms, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms


L1, L2 apartment buildings completed in 2013, 6 apartments every floor, 22 stories:

1. 114 sqm2 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms balcony from 1 bedroom

2. 154 sqm2 with 3 bedrooms., 2 bathrooms with balconies from 2 bedrooms.

3.  267 sqm2 apartments, 4 bedrooms, large living room,3 balconies, full view of golf course, red river ( Special)

3. The penthouse with the size of 250 sqm2 with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with lake view, red river view

4. The penthouse with the size of 350 sqm2 , 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with lake view, view of golf course,red river

the apartments in L2 and L1 are the best quality as they are new and well made .

The Ciputra Management and Services:

All the apartment buildings have 3 elevator, back-up electricity, the big reception area with 24/24hr reception services, management 24/24 support.

the apartments have swimming pools , tennis courts, Gyms, Mini marts, Hair Saloon…

In ciputra, You can send children to International schools as Unis Hanoi, Hanoi kinder world, Hanoi Academy

It is quiet easy to find an apartment in Ciputra Hanoi as Many apartments are for rent. You can choose the reasonable rental apartments in G2,G3, E1 apartment buildings, the apartments in E4,E5 and P1, P2 apartment buildings are a bit more higher.

It is now the apartments in L1 and L2 are the favorite for tenants as of their construction quality, brand-new furniture and equipment and view of the golf course and red river…

You can rent apartment in ciputra: fully furnished or un-furnished or partly furnished with the most reasonable prices and long and short-lease duration.

Tan Long Real Estate has been working in Ciputra Since it opening in 2006. We have good knowledge and information about the apartments ,landlords, maintenance , supporting services lease-long.

In every area, we have 1 site staff who is at the location all the working time to check the properties , support the tenants to ensure the quick and attentive services to tenants.

If any problems at your apartments which are not well attended by the landlords, our maintenance team will show up immediately to settle the problems. We are only real estate company which keeps a efficient  team of electricians, Plumbers, carpenters, builders to support our customers.

Other than Ciputra,We provide rental services all around Hanoi: apartments in Tay Ho, Cau Giay, Keangnam, The Manor, Trung Hoa, Splendora, Vinhomes Royal City, Vinhomes Times city...

All your requirements send to Mr. Liem , Manager at or his Mobile: 0979776776 , We will send the latest available properties and Pictures for your evaluation before the visit !

We commit good , honest, attentive  working quality !

Thank you for your trust and using our services !

Tan Long Real Estate , Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Ciputra International CityID: R619
Baths: 2Beds: 3150
Ciputra International CityID: R617
Baths: 2Beds: 3154
Ciputra International CityID: R616
Baths: 2Beds: 3123
Ciputra International CityID: R615
Baths: 2Beds: 3145
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Ciputra apartments for rent

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Letting 4 bedrooms unit in E1 Block, Ciputra residental complex, Hanoi

Ciputra apartments - G2, G3 (24)

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Nice apartment for rent in G2, Ciputra, Tay Ho dis, Hanoi at 1200 USD

4 bedrooms apartment in G3 Block for lease, Ciputra, Hanoi

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