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Apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra

Apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra - Apartment P1 - P2 (also known as Parklane luxury apartment building) is one of the apartments in Nam Thang Long urban area - Ciputra Hanoi. This is the most special real estate project in Ciputra with private elevator to each apartment.

Location of apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra 

Apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra also have a similar location and is opposite E1 Ciputra apartment. This is also a prime location located along the Ecopath walking path and has a wide view of the golf course. From apartment P1 - P2 Ciputra, you can also move quickly to utility areas & schools or apartments & villas of the urban area!

Apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra

P1 - P2 Ciputra apartments for rent

Design of rental apartments in P1 - P2 Ciputra

Rental apartments in P1 - P2 Ciputra were completed and put into use in 2009, including 2 21-storey towers with a total of 300 apartments, density of 8 units/floor. In particular, this apartment building also has an advantage with its own elevator system to each apartment.

Typical area types of P1 - P2 Ciputra apartments for rent:

- 1- bedroom apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra

- 2- bedroom apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra

- 3- bedroom condos for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra: 145sqm

- duplexes for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra: 279 - 300sqm

- penthouses for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra: 279 - 300sqm

The condos for rent at P1 - P2 Ciputra have a very large area, suitable for families with many members.

Condos for rent in P1 – P2 CIPUTRA - Great services

Possessing synchronous and classy facilities, P1 - P2 Ciputra apartment building gives you an extremely classy and fully equipped life. At the bottom of the first floor of the apartment building are shops, cafes, restaurants, mini supermarkets, kindergartens, swimming pools & gyms...

Condos for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra - Besides, P1 - P2 apartment building is also very close to the common facilities of Ciputra such as golf course, restaurant, UNIS Hanoi school, SIS, Hanoi Academy...

Not only that, the service at P1 - P2 Ciputra is also very professional with a system of laundry services, cleaning and sanitation, elevator maintenance, building maintenance, security, 24/7 surveillance cameras...

That's why, P1 - P2 Ciputra apartment is also one of the very good choices for customers who are looking for apartments for rent to stay in Hanoi.

For all information about apartments for rent in P1 - P2 Ciputra, please contact Tan Long Land:

Hotline: 0987 745 745


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