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Apartments for rent in Ciputra, Nam Thang Long - Notable deals in 2024

Apartments for rent in Ciputra - With build-to-rent properties taking off in Ciputra, an elevated lifestyle is now available for the rental market. In particular, apartments for rent in Ciputra will bring residents a wonderful and comfortable living experience.


Apartments for rent in Ciputra

Overview of apartments for rent in Ciputra 

- Name: Nam Thang Long urban area or Ciputra urban area
- Location of Ciputra: Located in Xuan La, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi wards 
- Investor: Joint venture between UDIC Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation and Ciputra Indonesia Group
- Project scale: Ciputra urban area project has a total planning area of ​​nearly 300 hectares, the project includes Villas, luxury apartments, commercial centers, and schools. 
- Ciputra villas include areas C, D, G, T, Q, K. High-class apartment buildings include Ciputra G2, G3, Ciputra E4, E5, Ciputra L1, L2, Ciputra P1, P2, Ciputra The Links 3, 4, 5.

- Types of rental apartments in Ciputra: 

1- bedroom apartments for rent in Ciputra

2- bedroom apartments for rent in Ciputra

3- bedroom apartments for rent in Ciputra

duplexes for rent in Ciputra

penthouses for rent in Ciputra

Location of the Ciputra apartments for rent

Specializing in renting condos in Ciputra Nam Thang Long urban area. Ciputra Hanoi apartment building belongs to Ciputra urban area, this is the first international standard urban area in Hanoi. Ciputra apartment building includes buildings G2, G3, E1, E4, E5, P1, P2, L1, and L2, the new building The Link is being completed.
The location of Ciputra urban area is at Lac Long Quan, Xuan La Ward - Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi. The brightest point for the location of the city is the convenient traffic connections, the East of the project also has Ring Road 2, and the West has Ring Road 3 and Thang Long Bridge, moreover, there is a quick connection to Noi Bai airport.


Condos for rent in Ciputra

 Information about apartments for rent in Ciputra, Nam Thang Long

Each condominium for rent in Ciputra has from 2 to 4 bedrooms. The rooms are fully equipped with modern equipment to serve the living needs of residents living here and tourists, businessmen, and embassy staff.

Phase 1: 

Phase 1 has 2 buildings G02 and G03, each with 20 floors high, each floor has 8 apartments and has an area from 119spm to 200spm. Rental prices of Ciputra apartment range from $600/per month to $1500/per month.


The image of a 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Ciputra

Phase 2:

Phase 2 has 3 buildings E1, E4, E5 each with 20 floors, 8 apartments on each floor, 3 elevators, and 2 stairs. The apartment area has 119spm, 154spm, 200spm, and Duplex. Leasing fees of rental apartments in Ciputra cost from 600$/month to 2200$/month. 

Phase 3:

Phase 3 has 2 buildings P1, P2 each with 19 floors and 8 apartments on each floor. Apartment area from 145spm, 182spm, Duplex 300spm. Ciputra apartment's rental fee ranges from 800$/month to 3000$/month. Building P is designed completely differently from other buildings, the apartments have their elevator to go into the apartment very separately when you welcome your guests. 

Phase 4: 

Phase 4 has 2 buildings The Link L1, L2 each 21 floors high. The total number of apartments is 236 apartments are designed balanced and located on a beautiful floor plan.
3-bedroom apartments for rent in Ciputra: 114sqm - 154sqm range from 1200$/month to 4000$/month

Great amenities that residents inherit when living in a rental apartments in Ciputra, Nam Thang Long

Condos for rent in Ciputra, Nam Thang Long - Utilities in Ciputra urban area: International school, Golf practice, Tennis court, Swimming pool, Jogging track, green space and air-conditioned lake... these facilities are in line with international living standards and preferred by many foreigners.

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Apartments for rent in Ciputra

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