Vinhomes Royal City apartment complex Nguyen Trai includes 6 buildings: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 with a total of over 4,400 apartments:

 R1 apartment building with 942 apartments , the apartments has an area of 88m2 - 200m2.

 R2 building at  Royal City has 942 condominium apartments, the apartments has an area of 88m2 - 200m2.

 apartment building R3  has 390 apartments, the apartment has an areas from 109.2m2 - 221.5m2.

 R4 apartment buildings with 884 apartments Royal City, the apartment has an area of 93m2 - 139m2.

R5 apartment building with 884 apartments , the apartment has an area of 93m2 - 139m2. R6 Royal City apartment building with 300 apartments, the apartment area of 55m2 - 155m2.


Address Royal City Hanoi, 72 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

high class Infrastructure & Utilities in Royal City:

 Vinschool & BIS.

 International Clinic Vinmec.

 swimming Pools of four seasons in the apartment buildings and 2 outdoor pools.

Vincom Mega Mall ( Vinpearl Land water park, Vinpearl Ice skating rink, cinema ...).

outdoor sport System : (tennis, basketball, badminton), playground for children, Japanese garden, home and community house, the Club-House 5 *.

    Conditioning & Ventilation meet international standards in the lobby & corridor.

    Smart parking basement

    backup Generators

    Multilingual cable television.

    High-speed Internet connection.

    Luxury Lounge.

    Security & surveillance systems 24/24 at key positions.

    DV housekeeper (cleaning, laundry, technical repair, ...).

Utilities are being upgraded:

    "Japanese Garden" - space & Ayurvedic relaxation of residents will be built on the roof of every apartment building. The plan reduces the noise of the air conditioning system on the roof R3 is also being studied.

    "The Club House" 5-star quality is being built at Level 1 at apartment Building R4 to provide residents with space for community activities to international standards.

    "The hot water clock " with transmission data management center will be installed to replace the current hot water clock . Expected to be completed before the Chinese New Year in 2015.

    " electricity standby System " 100% capacity will be put into operation on 06.20.2014 to ensure adequate supply of electricity for residents in case of power failure of the City.

    "The road connecting the Royal City with Lang" (including iron bridge spanning the Lich river) was the Hanoi People's Committee for approval under construction, with construction funds supported by Vingroup. It is expected that the clearance will be conducted in late June and early July of this year. After City clearance done, Vingroup will launch the construction of roads and bridges.

Luxury apartments in Royal City:

 Apartment with 2 to 4 bedrooms with more than 30 different designs.

Covering an area of 88.3 m2 to 221.5 m2.

European royal Design style bring the elegance, equipped with luxurious furnishings.

Control and safety management system installed in each apartment: lighting energy savings, bell shaped system, lock doors and door room luxury modern styling, ...

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