Ciputra Gym, Pools, Tennis courts, Golf Course, Restaurants, Shops, banks

Gyms and Pools at Ciputra apartment Buildings:

Apartment building has 1 Gym and 1 Swimming pool. The pool is only for Ciputra residents . There is 1 pool for children and 1 pool for adults, The Pools are big with good standard and the water quality is well-maintained.

All the pools have the attendant during the service hours.

At the pools tenants are served with towels and 1 locker.

The Gym is equipped with running machines, lifting machines and other sport equipment , but the room  size is small and the equipment are also simple .

There  is tennis court in apartment buildings in ciputra, The court is just for Ciputra tenants and residents.

The Golf Course house just opened in 2004, there is the golf range at the back of T and Q villa areas. With the convenient location and easy traffic, It is the good place for Golf lovers in Hanoi.

All the services above require the membership , You should buy the membership from Ciputra Management Company at G3 apartment building.

The fee table for all the services are here !


there are 2 restaurants in Ciputra. Jafa located at G2 apartment building, next to the swimming pool. The restaurant is big , severing western and some Vietnamese food as noodle... It is convenient place for party or gathering with family or friends.

Chinese Restaurant at Golf House just opened in 2014. You can find Chinese food... there

Wine shop ( Re apron ) at E5 building.


There are 3 banks in Ciputra : 1 bank located at G2 building and the Techcombank in E5 and 1 bank at P2

Mini Marts:

There are some mini marts in Ciputra:

L Place at G3 building and E5 Building, Hung Long at E1 Building K mart at P2 and the service building behind E5 apartment building.

Other services as barber shops, spa at e4 apartment building, laundry at E1 apartment Building , Wine shop at E5 apartment buildiing, hair dressers are available in Ciputra Hanoi.

Parkings in Ciputra:

parking in basement:

There are basements for parking at P1,P2 and L1,L2 buildings.

Open parking :

There are open parkings for  cars for the G2,G3, E4,E5, E1 aparment buildings. at these buildings, motobke can park inside the buildings.

There is no priority for parkings in Ciputra. The open lots for everybody .

There is enough patking lots for residents

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