Ciputra Hanoi is the largest international urban area in Hanoi city with a scale of up to 301 hectares. This is an urban project with a large green ecosystem invested by Nam Thang Long Urban Development Company Limited, a joint venture between Urban Infrastructure Development and Investment Corporation (Vietnam) and Ciputra Group (Indonesia).

About Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area

Ciputra Hanoi international urban area is home to a large concentration of foreign residents, accounting for 30.8% of the total population of the area, coming from 74 different countries from all continents around the world.


Ciputra Hanoi is located in the Nam Thang Long urban area on the west side of West Lake. This is an urban area project located in two districts of Tay Ho and Bac Tu Liem, located next to the romantic West Lake and adjacent to the historic Red River.

Location of Ciputra HanoiConnecting traffic areas at Ciputra Hanoi is also extremely convenient when surrounded by the city's arterial roads such as:

- Ring Road 2 – Vo Chi Cong includes 10 lanes moving to Thang Long bridge and Noi Bai airport

- Ring Road 3 - Pham Van Dong includes 12 lanes that move quickly to Nhat Tan bridge and Noi Bai airport

- Nguyen Hoang Ton Street connects along Ciputra urban area, convenient to move to West Lake

- Au Co - Nghi Tam road axis goes to the Old Quarter and the center of Hanoi

In addition, the location of Ciputra Hanoi is extremely expensive because it is adjacent to schools, services, commercial and entertainment centers such as:

- Major hospitals: Central Heart Hospital, E Hospital, Phuong Dong General Hospital, Thu Cuc Hospital, Medlatec Hospital...

- Top international and bilingual schools in Hanoi: UNIS, SIS, Hanoi Academy, The Dewey School, Sunshine School, Genesis School…

- Embassies: Oman Embassy, Bangladesh Embassy, Indian Embassy, Egyptian Embassy, Japanese Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Korean Embassy, U.S.A Embassy…

- Entertainment and commercial centers: West Lake, Ciputra Golf Course, Lotte Trade Center, Syrena Shopping Center, Lion Mall...


Ciputra Hanoi is divided into two main types of real estate: apartments (high-class apartments and penthouses) & low-rise houses (detached villas, duplex villas and townhouses).


G2 - G3 Luxury Apartment: The first two typical apartment buildings G2 & G3 of Ciputra, located near West Lake, just a few minutes' walk, built in 2006. G2 - G3 Apartment has a large scale consists of two 21-storey towers with a total of 316 apartments, a density of 8 units/floor. The apartments at G2 - G3 Ciputra are divided into two main areas: 123m2 (3 bedrooms) and 153m2 (4 bedrooms).

- E4 - E5 Luxury Apartment (also known as Meridian Luxury Apartment): Built in 2008, E4 - E5 Apartment has a scale of two 21-storey E4 & E5 towers, with a total of 316 apartments, a density of 8 units/floor. The apartments at E4 - E5 Ciputra are divided into 2 types of area: 123m2 (3 bedrooms) and 153m2 (4 bedrooms).

- E1 Apartment (also known as Concord Luxury Apartment): Built in 2010, E1 Apartment has a scale of 1 21-storey tower with a total of 158 apartments, a density of 8 units/floor. The apartments at E1 Ciputra have 2 typical areas: 123m2 (3 bedrooms) and 153m2 (4 bedrooms).

- P1 - P2 Apartment (also known as Parklane Luxury Apartment): Completed and put into use since 2009, apartment P1 - P2 has a scale of 2 21-storey towers with a total of 300 apartments, a density of 8 units/floor. The apartments at P1 - P2 Ciputra are divided into two typical areas: 145m2 (3 bedrooms) and 182m2 (4 bedrooms). Apartment P1 - P2 Ciputra also has a highlight that is a separate elevator up to each house.

- L1 - L2 Apartment (also known as The Link Luxury Apartment): Completed and put into use since 2015, including two 21-storey apartment buildings L1 & L2 with a total of 236 apartments. The apartments at L1 - L2 Ciputra are divided into three types of area: 114m2 (3 bedrooms), 154m2 (4 bedrooms), 267m2 (5 bedrooms).

- L3 – L4 – L5Apartment (also known as The Link 345 Ciputra Luxury Apartment): Completed and put into use since 2019, including three 21-storey apartment buildings L3 – L4 – L5 with a total of 21 floors with a total of 594 apartments, a density 10 units/floor. The apartments at L3 - L4 - L5 Ciputra are divided into 5 typical areas: 57.8m2 (2 bedrooms), 72.4m2 (2 bedrooms), 114m2 (3 apartments), 115.3m2 (3 apartments) , 153m2 (3 bedrooms).


- Villa in C - D - G area: Villa in C - D - G area is the first villa built in Ciputra with a total of 390 apartments. Villas in areas C - D - G Ciputra include adjacent houses, semi-detached villas and detached villas with areas ranging from 126 - 180 - 230 - 300 - 324m2.

- Villas in T area: Villas in zone T have a total of 251 units, including semi-detached villas and detached villas with areas ranging from 140 to 600m2.

- Villas in Q area (also known as Central Park luxury villas): Q villas are the most luxurious and classiest villas in Ciputra Hanoi, including semi-detached villas with a very large area, surrounded by Ciputra golf course.

- Villa in K area (also known as Grand Garden Ville luxury villas): K Villa is the newest villa area in Ciputra urban area, including adjacent houses and detached villas with different types of area from 140 - 180 - 300 - 396m2.


Residents living in Ciputra Hanoi have the opportunity to own a chain of high-class utilities in the fields of education, shopping, cuisine, sports, entertainment...Typical utilities at Ciputra include Ciputra club, golf course, Eco-path, UNIS, SIS, Hanoi Academy, Sunshine Maple Bear School...

In addition, it is a system of professional services such as reception, security, bonsai trimming, cleaning, technical ... Along with ATM services, spa, restaurant, cafe ... located in the urban area Ciputra.

More specifically, it is an ecological system of trees and rivers with a total area of ​​​​up to 25 hectares, bringing peace and fresh atmosphere for high-class and upper-class residents.

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