Our Company

     Tan Long Land is a real estate services company with more than 3,000 employees and collaborators, which operates primarily in advisory and distribution real estate products field.

     Tan Long Land is descended from Tan Long services and investment company limited, which is specializes in providing real estate leasing services for foreign clients. Since 2013, Tan Long Land started distributing real estate products from different projects.

     Our leadership determines the mission of company is to set up a real estate company which is built by agencies and operated for the benefit of investors, employees and agents. Furthermore, Tan Long Land gathered the professional, enthusiastic and passional employees together. All those thing have established a strong Tan Long Land.

     With the development of real estate, we conceived the importance of becoming professional brokers, so that it could respond the increasingly complex needs of real estate market and satisfy customers’ demands. Therefore, we assert the investors and distributors’ brand.

     With the understanding and professional advisory of  sales, customers will get the knowledge about existing and potential values, investment chances, and profitability of our real estates. Sales play an important role in deal with queries of customers, so that they can quickly make a choice to purchase or lease.

     We believe that we have ability enough to obtain the target “real value” for our customers, partners, staffs and investors.

     Head Off: 39B Xuan Dieu Str, Tay ho Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam 


     Direct order: 0394 853 853

     Email:  liem@bdstanlong.com



 Helping to find the right property:

     1. Getting all necessary information from customers.
     2. Search for an appropriate property in the database.
     3. Assess the property and its value.
     4. Arrange the visits to the properties with customers.
     5. Our agents help you to negotiate the price, discounts, terms of payment ...
     6. After you have decided, with the help from our agents, you'll make deposit with the owner ( we prepare the deposit receipt).
     7. We will make the contract sent to you & the owner for reviewing  & revision before the signing
     8. Work with the owner about the preparation, inform you of the preparation process.
     9. Attend the hand-over of the property & furniture, equipment.
     10. During the renting duration, customers can contact to us any time for any problems.

 Free of charge:

     Properties consultancy services are completely free of charge for tenants.
     All developers and landlords pay an introduction fee for our services

 Property management & sole marketing:

     We have managed properties in Hanoi ( Vietnam)
     We offer property management services & Sole Marketing.
     If you want your property to be well- managed, contact Mr.Liem
     Property Management Manager at : 0394 853 853

 Help in buying & selling Properties

     We help customers buy or sell their properties in Hanoi. The services will start from the time you place the order till we have finished all the legal and financial procedures to transfers from the sellers to the buyers.
     We will charge the commission fees for the selling and buying services. The fees is equal to 0.5 to 2% of the total value of transaction properties ( Fee rate will depends on transaction value ). We take commission both from the buyers and the sellers.

 Useful help:

     More: If you are new to Hanoi or HCM City and you would like to have any information about the city, culture, services, employments, entertainment ...
     Please, send you enquiries to us (link), we will return with the trusted addresses & information.


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